• Bachelor Degree in Sport Science. 1993, CUBA.
• Specialist Sport Assesment and Rehabilitation. 1996,  CUBA.
• Specialist Strength and Physical Fitness. CUBA
• Post-degree in Sport Rehabilitation and                  Cardiovascular. CUBA.
• Diploma in Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy. (CHILE).
• International Certificate Personal Trainer. (USA) 2011
• Specialist in Massage Therapy and Sports. (USA) 2012
• Member of the Society of Sports Medicine in Cuba and Chile.


In the beginning of Mr. Corderos career, he was a specialist in sports science in Cienfuegos, Cuba.


Mr. Cordero worked as a specialist in sports science in the Center of Sports Medicine in the department of Sport Assessment and Rehabilitation.

During his early years he applied himself to doing research in sports medicine with a specific focus on rehabilitation, high performance physical training, and working on preparing athletes in various disciplines.

During those years he had the fortune to work with three cubans who were ranked as the highest pitchers of Cienfuegos baseball team.


The players were Adiel Palma, Norberto Gonzales, and Yosvani Perez, all of them were pitchers of the National Baseball team who became Olympic and World Champions.​

  • Teaching background.
  • 1998 - 2001: Member of the Scientific Committee of the sports medicine Center in Cienfuegos. Jury in different scientific events of Sports Medicine and in the institute of Physical Culture and Sport.

  • 1995-2001: Adviser on strength and power work: regional teams  of Baseball, Weightlifting, Athletics, Rowing, Soccer, Volleyball, Swimming, Basketball and Cycling among others.

  • 1992-2001: Teacher guide of 12 thesis students in the faculty of physical culture and sport. University: Carlos     Rafael Rodriguez. Cienfuegos, CUBA.  Research on Exercise Physiology, Sports Rehabilitation and Physical Preparation.​

Due to his  professionalism, efficiency and dedication, Duglas Cordero is a recognized professional in the Viña del Mar, City. Specially thanks to his several  achievements preparing and rehabilitating top national athletes. He worked in the city of Viña del Mar for eleven years. He was member of the Chilean Society of Sports Medicine. He has worked in several clinics, the most important ones to be mentioned are: Cuban Medical Center (SEMEFIC) – Medical Center (COMIN) and Research Center and Sports Rehabilitation. 


  • Dominic Thiem (Austria) 3 ATP  Winner Indian Wells - Barcelona Open 2019

  • Amanda Anisimova (USA) 25 WTA

  • Anna Kalinskaya (Russia) 95 WTA


  • Fabio Fognini (Italy) Top 9 ATP  Winner Montecarlo Open 2019

  • Francesca Schiavone (Italy) Winner French Open 201

  • Gastao Elias (Portugal) 120 ATP

  • Julio Peralta (Chile) 30 ATP Double

  • Juan C Aragone  (USA) 270 ATP

  • Karunuday Sing (Indian) 500 ATP

2016 - 2010

  • Nadia Petrova (Russia)  Ex #3 WTA (2012/2014)

  • Nicolas Massu (Chile) Ex#9 ATP & Olympic Champion 2004

  • Anna Kalinskaya (Russia) #4 ITF French Open Finalist 2015

  • Varvara Flink  (Russia)  # 2 ITF 2014 

  • Amina Anshba (RUS) Winner of Europa championship 2016

  • Sofia Sewing (USA) winner Eddie Herr Tournament 2015

  • Yuichi Ito & Toshihide Matsui. (Japan) Preseason 2014

  • Gaby Castaneda (USA) Florida State University (FSU)

  • Arianna Rahmanparast (C.R) Fed Cup 2015 & (FSU)

  • Francisco Mehech #12 ITF Senior.



  •  Camila Silva  - #7  ITF (2009) & 500 WTA.

  • Guillermo Rivera - #11 ITF (2007) & 320 ATP.

  • Ricardo Urzua - #10 ITF (2007) & 750 ATP.

  • Cristobal Saavedra - 335 ATP

  • David Fleming - 1360 ATP

  • Joao Riquelme  - 1400 ATP

  • Fernando Gonzalez - #7 ATP. applied hyperbaric chamber and sports Therapy. (2007)

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